Welcome to Mohenjo-Daro!

Funest place on earth

Our homes are built for your comfort and satisfaction.

  • Our houses are built out of baked bricks
  • They have several rooms that are built around a courtyard
  • We even have specific rooms for bathing! These rooms have baked bricks or tile for the floor and pipes for water drainage
  • You have access to your very own clean water! You might have a well within your home or there are public wells you may use

Food - We have a wide variety of foods here that will stuff you like a pig!

  • We grow wheat here that we use to make chapatis or naan.
  • Here we eat cows, pigs, sheep, goat, and chicken ; some of us, who are Hindus, stopped eating beef completely.
  • We eat citron fruit, chickpeas, and lentils, which we get from other countries.
  • We also eat sugar cane, which we grow right here in Mohenjo-Daro.

Come to Mohenjo-Daro

If you are coming from the Bay of Bengal, follow the coast west until you reach the Indus River. Then, follow the river north until you get to our city!