By Lily

What happened to chimpanzees?

When some people hunt, some tend to kill chimpanzees.You might think wwhy would they do that,but peopleare chipanzees worst enemie.If your one of thoughs peopie palease stop.Although chimpanzees are just like humans.In conclouion please help chimpanzees.

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What are the body facts of chimpanzees?

Male chimpanzees weigh up to 120 pounds!Wow!When chimpanzees become adults,they will grow up to be 4feet.Males can wigh up to 120 pounds,but a female is abuot 60-110 pounds.Chimpanzees can walk on all four limbs,or they can walk upright, like humans.

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What is the chimpanzees diet?

Chimpanzees have alot of food that they like and that includes other animals.While chimpanzees are omnivores, they like to eat leaves, fruit, nuts, seeds, bark, plant bulbs, tender plant hoots, and flowers. Chimpanzees eat alot everyday. More than three times a day! When they eat it's like they have feast!

What are the fun facts?

Chimpanzees can live up to 50 years old in the wild,and thats long for an animal. Although if chimpanzees lived in a captivity (zoo), they will live up to 60 years old. Chimpanzees are only fond in 21 countries. Chimpanzees are extinct in some areas. All chimpanzees are permantly black.

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