Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 6: Travel

Lindsey Travel
Pilot Lindsey Travel

Grades PK-2 Travel Buddy

Take 3 pieces of paper and fold them in half like a book. Write your name and the words Travel Buddy on the front. Each time you go somewhere, draw or write about where you went. How did you get there? Who went with you? When your Travel Buddy is complete, read it to your family like a book. Click on the links to listen to some stories about traveling.

PK-5 Komodo Math

Here are a variety of games involving math to play while traveling.

PK-5 National Parks

What is the closest national park to you? What national park would you like to visit? Explore national parks.

PK-5 Creating a Map

We use maps when we travel. Most people now utilize digital maps, but many tourist attractions and parks utilize paper maps to help tourists get around! Create a map of your school, home, or other familiar building. Draw your map from a bird's-eye view.

Grades 3-5 Time to Travel

Check out these amazing places to visit online. Which one is your favorite?

Shout Out to Aidan for answering 200 IXL questions this week!

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

In the month of July, Chisholm Chargers have answered 2,628 IXL questions!

PK-2 Digital Citizenship

Watch the video and discuss what the traffic color lights mean. Discuss these questions with an adult at home:

1. The Digital Citizens stayed safe by using the internet traffic light. What does green mean?

2. What should you do when you find a yellow website?

3. What should you do if you accidentally go to a website that isn't right for you?


3-5 Digital Citizenship

Watch the video about balancing media and technology. Discuss the following questions with an adult at home:

1. According to the video, what is media balance?

2. How are some media choices more healthy or less healthy than others?

3. What does media balance look like for you?

*from Common Sense Media