Sammy Davis JR

The greatest


Sammy Davis Jr Was one of the greatest entertainers that has every touched this earth. Sammy Davis JR was the best because he could sing,dance,act he was even a comedian. He stared in movies like oceans 11,Mr wonderful and the golden boy.But Sammy Davis will always be remembered.

Sammy's Life

Sammy Davis JR was born December 8 1925 he was born into a acting family.Sammy Davis Jr starting acting at then age of three.Sammy Davis Jr was drafted into world war 2 he was in the entertainment unit were he would always perform for the soldiers.When Sammy left the war he went solo and made two new albums that made him good were he could be a headliner. Sammy Davis was with Martin Luther King Jr in the civil rights he was in the biggest marches in Washington. May 16 1990 Sammy Davis Jr dies of cancer the whole country was sad but he legacy will always be remembered.

Accomplishments and influence

Sammy changed the way people do trade/business. Sammy Davis Jr was also in the rat pack with frank Sinatra were he was in a lot of movies.Sammy was one of the first African american headliners in the USA and to top it off it was in two of the biggest cites Las Vegas and New York city He was in Mr wonderful and and the golden boy.He performed in his dads trio.Sammy changed the way people did trade.He helped breakdown racism in many ways in the civil rights He also performed for soldiers in WW 2 .Sammy did accomplish a lot of things this was just some of them.

Sammy changed the way people did trade like he wouldn't perform at segregated places . in the USA and to top it off it was in two of the biggest cites Las Vegas and New York city.Sammy Davis Jr just influenced a lot of people for the courageous things he did like being in world war 11 and being in the civil rights movement. Overall Sammy was a great guy.


Sammy had a lot of Accomplishments .Sammy Influenced a lot of people , He had a long life.But the important thing is Sammy had a great life with tons of fans and he was a hard working man who will always be loved. Sammy Davis Jr will always be remembered for his legacy.