Week 3 Done!

Another Successful Week and a Happy 4th of July!

This week we started out by looking at and then creating different types of puzzles and riddles. Check out a few of these below and see if you can figure them out!

Next, we continued to work on our clues for our escape rooms. To make sure they worked, we switched classrooms and tested one clue from students in the other rooms. We then debriefed to see which ideas we could share and use in our own rooms and how we could make our own clues better.

This week we also did a team Breakout about a Creepy and a Hairy toe! This proved to be one of the most challenging ones we've done so far and it taught us more about creating multi-layer clues. Talk to your kiddos to see which clues were their favorite (or most frustrating ;) )

Lastly, with one week to go, we are in the midst of building clues and structures for our rooms! Today we did our first run through of all of our clues with the other classes and are excited to have you test our rooms next Thursday.

Please join us next Thursday for our Summer Academy Showcase. Since we have designed live escape room games this year, please plan to join us at 11:00 AM if you'd like to play one of our games, or between 11:45-12:15 if you'd like to view our rooms. Hope to see you next week!

This Week's Pictures:

Miss Cordero

Mrs. Formaneck

Miss Lasta