Welcome to Room 14!

The first weeks of school flew by so quickly! All of the teachers have loved welcoming back and getting to know all of your wonderful children! We've spent a lot of time exploring the classroom and getting to know one another which is right in line with our September theme, "Who We Are". We have worked on establishing routines and getting comfortable with transitions - the kids are doing great with this!

Our days include a morning circle, obstacle course, morning rotations, snack and outdoor play, afternoon rotations, afternoon circle, P.E., and lunch and outdoor play time. During our morning rotations we have four centers: fine motor, academic, calm corner, and language. Later in the afternoon our rotations include toys, art, and a small group circle where we work on a variety of skills in a group of three with Ms. Julie. All of the kids have really been enjoying our ball pit in the toy area! There is always a one-minute warning chime signifying that it's time to clean up and to get ready for our next center. When the transition bell rings, we are learning how to check our individual schedules before moving on to the next center or part of the day. At our morning circle time, we're singing "Hello How Are You?" which includes saying hello to our friends and shaking their hand, the children moving themselves from "home" to "school" on our "Who's Here" chart, counting children here for the day, and following a variety of directions. The kids have loved reading books in the Pete the Cat and David series. We've even been voting to decide which book will be read during our circles. Outside, we love playing with bubbles, sand, dinosaurs, building with blocks, and playing on the play structure with our friends from next door. Some recent art activities include fun with playdough, shaving cream, and a variety of painting, coloring, gluing, and coloring activities. During P.E. we've practiced a variety of gross motor skills while completing an obstacle course, playing Name Ball, clapping the syllables in our names, and playing Stop/Go.

Going forward I will be sending out newsletters approximately twice a month. The newsletters will recap our past weeks as a whole group and will include any important updates for the weeks ahead. Of course, each child's program is individualized, but I like to give a little insight to the general flow and activities in Room 14. If you have any questions, concerns, tips, etc., please don't hesitate to contact me!

Check Out What We've Been Doing!

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.Making New Friends.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos with your child!

Important Things to Remember:

  • Please send in your three family pictures if you haven't done so already. We are making a class book of our families and also a family board for the classroom later next week. Sending three pictures will make sure your child has enough pictures to participate.
  • Please label/initial all personal items (including water bottles, snack containers, spoons, etc.). There are a lot of staff members working with the kids throughout the day, and we want to make sure everything you send to school makes it home.
  • Our school district has updated their wellness guidelines which now says food treats for birthday parties will no longer be allowed. If you wish to commemorate your child’s birthday at school, some ideas include: sharing a favorite book/game or giving out small items such as stickers or pencils.
  • If your child is dropped off/picked up, please remember children should be dropped off at the upper playground and picked up in the lower parking lot. Please make sure you make contact with myself or one of our other classroom staff when dropping off or picking up your child.
  • If your child is going to be absent, please let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly.
  • We will be sending home big envelopes with art projects and other activities at the end of each week. Please return the empty envelope to school on Monday.
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