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November 2020



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Welcome to November! All of you who struggle with rolling sleeves will be happy to know that with the change of the clock, our uniform requirement also changes to “sleeves down“. That does not mean to simply roll your sleeves down (as the have probably been rolled up since you were issued the uniform). You may want to take an iron to it.

March 3rd and 4th (Tuesday and Wednesday) are picture days. Because we are taking pictures on these days, we are having a "uniform day" to these days. You will be taking pictures in your Utilities. I know this is not ideal, but we really don't have a choice as "hot racking" the dress blue jackets would be a bad idea considering all the covid mitigation we're doing everywhere else.

There is also an internal drill competition going on the 5th and 6th (Thursday and Friday) for which you will also be in uniform. So, for those of you doing the math, you will have two uniform days this week. But that's fair since you didn't have one last week.

We will focus on two things during the month of November:

1. Preparing for the competition in Brenham.

2.Generating support and volunteers for our booster club.

I am eternally grateful for the work at our booster club does for this program. I know that we cannot have a successful program without their support. It takes a great deal of coordination and funds to feed 30 to 60 Cadet for one function or another at least once a week. If we were in “full production“ instead of being hamstrung by covid, that need would be even greater - summer camps, field trips, and other excursions that aren’t Marine Corps or Allen ISD sanctioned events, come directly from our booster club coffers. Not to mention the physical support in the form of chaperones, volunteer instructors, and drivers. This year, rather than overwhelm everyone’s already frazzled nerves with a cookie dough fundraiser, we are going to encourage and incentivize booster club membership as a form of fundraising.


The photographer will be available for individual photo sessions if you want to have photos made with your friends within the program. The advertisement below is for the composite photo packages if your family wishes to purchase them.
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1. Parents & Cadets: Teams & Scholarship Meeting Wednesday, November 4th from 7:00p.m.-8:00p.m.

Meeting Information: Our AHS MCJROTC Cadet Colonel Burwitz and team captains will join us online to share more about teams and answer questions. Learn about ROTC Scholarships, application process, and what ROTC is about from last year's Cadet Colonel and NROTC Marine Option Scholarship recipient Ryan Suber. Cadets and parents will be able to ask questions and learn more.

11/4/20 AHS MCJROTC Boosters Parent Meeting

We will use Microsoft Teams for communication, so please download the app/desktop prior to the meeting.

How to Join the Parent Meeting Virtually

Access to the November 4th AHS MCJROTC Meeting Link

2. Order AHS MCJROTC Merch now through November 22, 2020

We are excited to announce we're accepting your orders for merch. Orders will be placed with our printing company after 11/22 and orders will arrive the last week of November. Our options include:

  • short sleeve shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • hoodie
  • zip hoodie (new)

Allen High School MCJROTC Web Page (Link below)

The Allen High School MCJROTC web page is great source for information. When the school year is up and running, and we’re once again engaged in events, competitions, and celebrations, the web page will be the place to look for detailed information, pictures, and reports.


Apparel can be purchased from the AHS MCJROTC web page at the “Apparel” tab or at the direct link below. “School Pay” is the easiest way to purchase apparel, but please print out a receipt and have your student bring it to an instructor to receive the purchased item.
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