Pope Francis

Pope Francis is a justice-oriented citizen

Why is Pope Francis a Justice-oriented citizen?

Pope Francis is a justice-oriented citizen because he devoted his life to helping other citizens find faith and hope. Pope Francis has served as a Archbishop for 12 years. Pope Francis is known as a more progressive pope, as his main goal is for global peace. Since Pope Francis became the pope, he has made the church more active in feeding the starved, helping the poor, and taking care of the sick. Pope Francis once left the Vatican, just so he could help feed the starving people.

Pope Francis services and acts

Pope Francis has had many services and acts that shows that he is justice-oriented. A few of them are: He has instructed the church officials to start prioritize helping the sick and poor, he is the first pope to admit that he has no right to judge people no matter their sexuality, While he was a bishop, pope Francis wanted to celebrate the Holy Thursday by washing the feet of people in a jail, a hospital, a home for the elderly or with poor people, and On his first Easter homily, Pope Francis took the opportunity to appeal for peace and harmony in the world. He told people not to take on the path of easy gain and give up greed for humanity.

Pope Francis Life missions


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