Getting to know your Macbook

By: Cole Roberts

First Things First… Enrollment

  • Go to the One 2 One webiste first by clicking the link here, and assistance on how to navigate through it is in a hyperlink in the next bullet.
  • Purchase insurance for the device. If needed a tutorial can be found here.
  • If you need the waiver form to share free and reduced eligibility with school programs click here.

All of these steps must be completed before you can take your laptop home!

How to use your trackpad

In the link included is a youtube video showing you the basics on how to use your mouse pad (trackpad), watch and learn!

Mouse pad basics

Remember to Respect your laptop

Be sure to keep your computer out of the freezing weather, or you will have issues in connecting to local servers and wifi.

Customize your Mac!

The most effective way to communicate through your teachers and peers outside of class is through your macbook

Learning more on Mac

Here is another video link to show you the perks of using a Macbook, and what benefits it comes with- a must watch for all beginners!

Link 1- MacBook tutorials

Link 2- Sync and Customize your MacBook

Having problems?

Don't be afraid to come into the library and ask one of the librarians, or the schools technician, Mrs. Gaddie for help.