Personal Nutrition Scans

How it Works


During an iTOVi session the tracker sends electrical frequencies to your body. The products you are being scanned for have frequencies in them. The tracker measures your body's responses to those frequencies. This process is called bioimpedance. Bioimpedance is used in many things from fitness trackers to medical devices and is widely researched and proven. iTOVi runs the data collected from your responses through a variety of complex equations and algorythms. When your scan is complete iTOVi provides you with a simple, personalized nutrition report which consists of an iTOVi score and suggested products to begin taking to keep taking. The products suggested are prioritized according to your responses or reactions to those frequencies. Also diet, stress levels and sleep are some of the things that can influence your iTOVi score. Anyone can use this technology, including those with pacemakers, women who are pregnant, children and babies.

Expo Special!

If you purchase a doTERRA membership today, you receive a FREE iTOVi Scan! Scans without memberships are $10.00 per person. Get yours and start improving your health today!