Erin & Joaquin's 4th of July Party

Bring your own chair

Enjoy your independence the American way!

Eat some barbecued meats

Drink your friend's beer

Light some shit on fire

July 4th Party

Thursday, July 4th, 7pm

3517 2nd Ave

Sacramento, CA

7-8:00pm Say Hello to friendly people. Take a trip or 2 down the waterside. Yes, that's right.

8-8:30pm Make a burger & pour a beer from the keg.

9:00pm Joaquin's firework show of splendor and awe.

9-12:00am You can dance if you're into that kind of thing.

Erin & Joaquin's 4th of July Party

Tell us if you are coming so we can have many snacks and beer treats for all!