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The History of Information - SAP Business Analytics
Great infographic video from SAP portraying the history of information.

Visual Resources

10 Simple Steps to Make Your Excel Charts Sexier

Want to give your Excel charts a little something extra? Check out the article above for some quick tips to smarten up your spreadsheets.

What Works for Social Sharing

Using the data from over 200 companies' social sharing statistics, Compendium's goal was to help social marketers answer not only the question of what to share, but how and when to say it.

The Future of Video

Jon Oringer, the CEO of Shutterstock, discusses video and how it will become an important resource in the future.

Informational Articles

Building a Social Community: Tell Me a Story!

Great podcast from SAP Radio featuring Rachel Happe, Mark Yolton (of SAP), and Sean O'Driscoll (of Ant's Eye View). Topics focus on storytelling and online management, empowering your customers, and the idea of business to person.

They Came, They Saw, They Created Awesome Content

Shareable content and insights from attendees of the B2B Forum - including blog posts, tweets, photos, and graphics.

Google Launches A Web Reader for Google Play Magazines

Google has launched an online magazine reader within Google Play and their app store, allowing customers to search, purchase, subscribe to, and read magazines right in the web browser. May this be the magazine of the future?

5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing

While Google+ may not be the most popular social media source out there, it can still be a way to boost marketing. Read this article to learn some of the top tricks to increase the popularity of your page.

5 Key Characteristics Every Social Media Community Manager Should Have

Interesting article outlining the role a community manager should play in social media.

Want More Bacon?

Ron Swanson: Bacon Shortage PSA
Need some help trying to figure out where to hide your bacon for the rumored shortage? Watch the above video for some tips!