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Vol. 1, No. 10, December 2019

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Welcome to the Fronterra Gazette. This newsletter was created to enhance communication in your community and to keep Fronterra residents up to date on neighborhood happenings, events, meeting dates, and much more!

Santa Visited Fronterra at Westpointe!

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When is the next HOA bill due?

Your next payment is DUE January 1st. Please make sure you allow enough time for processing which can take up to three days. Still haven't set up auto-draft with Alliance Association Banking? Click here to read more about how to do that! You must be registered to use the HOA website to access these instructions. Late fees may be applied after January 31st.

Still Haven't Registered for the HOA Website????

Time to do it! Click here to be taken straight to registration. Not all pages are open to the public, so register today.

Can I park my trailer or RV in my driveway or on the street?

No. Trailers and RVs are not allowed in your driveway or in the street for permanent parking. If you need access to your trailer or RV temporarily, for example: packing for a camping trip, you must send an email to if you plan on having your trailer or RV in Palmera overnight.

I love my neighbor but I don't love their dogs barking all night. If I make a complaint to the HOA, will it remain anonymous?

All reports of HOA violations must be submitted by email, not by phone. The HOA does not offer your information but state statute allows an owner to request files via certified mail. Therefore, no report of a violation is anonymous. If you feel you need to inform the HOA about a potential violation, please send an email to Make sure to include the address where the violation is taking place.

What are the rules about trash cans? I wheeled mine up to my house but I still got a courtesy notice from the HOA.

Here are the rules on trashcans and recycling cans:

1. You cannot have your trash can(s) stored in your driveway, the sides of your house in front of your fence, or anywhere else that is visible. Trash cans must be stored out of sight at all times except for service days.

2. You cannot wheel your trash can(s) to the curb before 6pm the evening before your service day.

3. You must have your trash can(s) stored out of sight by the end of day on your service day.

We appreciate your commitment to keeping Fronterra at Westpointe looking good!

I think my bill is wrong! What should I do?

If you feel your statement balance was incorrect, simply send an email to so it can be looked into.

How Do I Reserve the Clubhouse?

Visit and check out the Clubhouse option under Members.

What's the difference between TOPS and Alliance?

TOPS is the online resident portal. From the portal you can access your account, check your balance, download community documents, etc. You can request access by sending an email to with your name and property address.

Alliance is the bank we partner with for online payments. You can set up one time payments, or recurring payments. If you have more questions about auto-draft, please send an email to

Can I pay my HOA bill online?

Yes you can! You may initiate an automatic payment (ACH/E-Check) to have your payment automatically drafted directly from your bank account on a recurring basis or for a one-time payment. There is NO CHARGE for this service and it eliminates the need to schedule and mail checks. You will need your account number, the Management Company ID, and the Association ID. See below:

  • Management Company ID - 7405
  • Association ID - WPMC

Click on the button "Pay my HOA Bill" to be taken directly to the website address.

Help! I lost the link to the TOPS portal!

Here you go! ;-)

Helpful Contact Information

Request access to the portal:

Steering Committee (Patricia Arnold, James Crawford & Rolando Salazar):

Community Manager:

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