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Your Own Hotel Social Network!

What sets DinDan Hotelsocial apart from the rest is its powerful Social Stream.

Most stream item are highly interactive, where you may "like" or leave a comment on the content.

Like and comment any stream item and notification will be sent to original poster and everyone who has liked or leave a comment on the post.

Filter the stream to view all activities in the hotel either by the site Hotelguest or just your new friends.

Auto-update features notify user when there is a new update in real-time.

The powerful stream also works within each group and events.

is available for purchase now!

How do you communicate with your current Guest??????

How can I reach my current guest?

How can I trigger him to spent more money?

How can i increase the customer satisfaction by communication?

why can we not communicate with the guest if it is present. He is namely also literally present to spend and consume!!

Solution: Your own social network

Many tools and Apps for this are focused on one-way communication and also for static information.

DinDan has developed a tool, which we can directly and interactively communicate with the Guest and the Guests can also communicate with each other. When he/she is on location

Get Connected in our Hotel!

  • Connect and expand your network in the hotel
  • View profiles and get in touch with new friends
  • Share your photos, videos and interest
  • Order your roomservice, Chat with the Reception or Invite your friends for a drink in our Bar

  • Guests can interactively see what to do and were to go
  • What can I do with my children?
  • Offers from wellness that otherwise would not be used.
  • Guests can mutually learn about the park and invite others for a drink in the bar.
  • Who is in the hotel and has the same Interest
  • Increase in turnover of the F & B outlets with DinDan!


Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin Integration

Having your own social network doesn't mean that you have to compete with the big boys such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin. Instead, why not connect your Hotel with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin to get additional features. With DinDan Social Connect, Hotelguest may login using there socail media account, share status updates, invites Facebook friends and publish activities to other social media.

Increase signup rate with Social media Connect

Allow Hotelguest to pull their exisiting avatar and cover photo.

Let the Hotelguest share your events!

DinDan Social Hotel Social

DinDan Social

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