Welcome to Moscow,Russia

Where There are Wonderful sights to see

Moscow Russia is a very interesting place it has many sights to see and very wonderful seasons.Moscow is located at 55.7500'N,37.6167'E and has one of the most striking and beautiful architectural ensembles in the world.
Moscow's flag is white,red,and blue {in that order} just like the American flag and many other flags.The Kremlin is in the heart of Moscow and people say it is the most famous architectural ensembles in the world.Moscow is in western Russia ,and Moscow is the capital of Russia 81% of speak Russian. In Moscow their typical handshake is a firm almost bone crushing handshake and direct eye contact.
Moscow's population is about 11.5 million most countries have flowers but Moscow has a tree which is the Birch tree they also have an animal which is the Russian bear.The weather in Moscow is frigid in winters and scorching in the summers but the summer months are most popular to travel to Moscow but the winter months have long and heavy snowfalls.
Along time ago a bursting pipeline in the soviet system received little or no attention and Russia's air still rates among the most polluted in the world even.Though the soviet leader took little action to protect the nations inland bodies of water surrounding oceans and seas from pollution and soviet planners gave low priority to risk free treatment and transport of water.
The Russian liberation movement was a movement within the soviet union that went to make an anti communist armed force during world war 2 that would topple the regime of Joseph stalin.