Simply Novel ~ a new idea

Simply Novel Updates Its Product with a Common Edge

In this world of “Tweets” #hashtags, “Pins”, “Slideshares”, and cyber “friends”, Simply Novel is once again venturing in to a bold new universe: Twitter, Pinterest, Slideshare, and Facebook.

Social Media and its ability to spread information at the speed of light, is no longer avoidable as tools to reach audiences that were once out of reach; so into this realm Simply Novel does venture.

As veteran teachers, both of us are learning a great deal about this uncharted microcosm of what feels like hyperspace. And yet the students we teach are natives to this very environment we, as seasoned educators, are at best only immigrants.

In addition to this foreign cyber-world, over 45 of our nation’s states have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). As these standards roar into the world of education like a hurricane, Simply Novel strives to update its products to meet the rigor of the core. As we bring Simply Novel into 21st Century learning, we are developing our unique structure of questioning techniques to be more text-based while continuing to insert our “quipy” sense of humor.

In addition to the text-based questioning strategies, Simply Novel is adapting its final writing tasks to include the hallmarks of the Next Generation Assessments. These tasks include research from informational and non-fiction text. Now as students venture into the worlds of fictional characters, students will be able to discover how life often does imitate art, offering students the opportunity to connect their reading to the world.

So as we change to meet the rigor of 21st Century learning in the era of the Common Core, our goal at Simply Novel is to support our teachers with current and relevant units as we all go boldly into this brave new and uncharted world!

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Simply Novel ~ a new idea enhances the learning of literature for students in grades six through twelve. The program was developed by two English teachers with extensive classroom knowledge and experience in the areas of English literature, reading, behavior management and strategic teaching. Furthermore their expertise includes accommodating, supporting and scaffolding for students in special education and EL.