Hey ECE Students

A Metro-Vancouver-wide sub list is on its way!

One sub list

Everybody shares

The perks for child care centres unable to find subs are obvious; the perks for you are:

- It's free for ECEs

- With one interview and one criminal record check/year you can experience a variety of different centres

- With interactive scheduling technology you can review & accept shifts online or with your phone (yes, there's an iphone/Android app for that; text messaging works too)

- You will only be contacted for days you are available ('available' meaning days you haven't booked off via the app or online, as well as days you aren't already scheduled to work)

An ECE Assistant licence gets you an interview.

A folder containing the same documents you need to meet licensing requirements for any child care centre here in BC (the Schedule F criminal record check the only twist) gets you into the scheduling system.

Then centres begin finding you for work