The Life of an Apple Computer

while I was growing up

35 years ago....

Apple computers were invented. It is crazy to see how in 35 years, the apple computer's life has changed. The apple computer's existence actually began right I as entered the world. It seems crazy to me that there wasn't an Apple computer before I was born. Life without an Apple computer.... crazy. The journey began in 1976....

.......and that was just the beginning......

APPLE continues to grow

Macintosh Portable - 1989

The Macintosh Portable was introduced in 1989 and was designed to be just as powerful as a desktop Macintosh, but weighed a bulky 7.5 kilograms (17 lb) with a 12-hour battery life.
Macintosh Portable (1989)

and then in 1994 the Power Macintosh computer was released. It had a 12 year running in the computer world.

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This is Apple all-in-one computer. This computer had a whole new design. It not only featured a unique design but had modern technology. Apple sold almost 800,000 units in just the first five months.

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and this is where YOU were born!

How has Apple developed from the year 2000 when YOU were born?

Apple Inc.

I used the following website. All my pictures came from WikiMedia Commons.