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The Federal War (1859–1863)– Civil war between Venezuela’s Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. The Federal War is also known as the Great War or the Five Year War. This war began with the overthrow of the Monagas brothers by their Liberal and Conservative opponents, who then began fighting among themselves. The war ended in a Liberal victory.


Venezuela is one of the world's leading oil-producing countries and oil is its most valuable natural resource.Other natural resources include petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, coal, steel, aluminum, hydropower, diamonds, and etc. About 13% of Venezuelans are engaged in farming. The chief crops are corn, sorghum, sugarcane, rice, bananas, vegetables, and coffee. There is also extensive livestock raising and fishing.


The Maracaibo Lowlands of the far northwest are dry, windless and hot; the Andes Mountains and northern highlands are more temperate and much cooler in the higher elevations; the central plain fronting the Orinoco River covers about one-third of the country, most of it is less than 50 meters in elevation, and generally quite warm. The wild and largely unexplored Guiana Highlands covering the southeast, with elevations of up to 3,500 meters, are jungle-tropical, hot and very humid.

Brazil's Celebration

Venezuela is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, with approximately 96 percent of the population following the faith. The most notable event is the annual Carnival. Carnival is held to celebrate the start of Christian Lent, usually in February. The best parties are said to be in the town of El Callao, which has famously been running the festival since 1853.Venezuela Carnival is celebrated in the most grand way in the coastal towns and villages than any part of the country. During the Carnival, Venezuela is lit up and decorated. People play with balloons filled with water instead of air and throw them at each other. Carnival of Venezuela continues for four days when people indulge in wearing new outfits.
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