CST Question & Answer

Compiled from the July 30, 2014 Team Meeting

Q: Do we still Kronos?

A: At this time, yes, the team will be required to Kronos in at the beginning and end of each day.

Q: What are our work hours?

A: The Professional Development Department follows the district professional employee work schedule. Summer hours (through 8/8/14): 7:30am-5:00pm-No work on Friday 8/8/14. Regular hours: Monday-Thursday - 8:00am-4:30pm. Fridays: 8:00am-4:00pm.

Q: Am I still K-12 and content specific?

A: The team is still K-12 and content specific, however, we plan to collaborate across subject areas and levels as often as possible in order to promote integrated learning in the district.

Q: What is the relationship between the PD specialists and the CSTs?

A: The PD specialists and CSTs have different job descriptions, however there will be collaboration between the positions.

Q: Can schools ask for specific CSTs?/How will we be assigned schools?

A: Yes, schools can request specific support, however assignments will depend on availability. Team members will not be assigned to specific schools or areas as in the past. We will be servant leaders for all GISD campuses and students. Requests for support will come to the director and will be assigned depending on needs and availability.

Q: Is the expectation for all PD to occur after school/after contract hours?

A: After hours PD might be deemed necessary based on content or audience.

Q: How many days do we work?

A: You work the number of days stated on your 2014-2015 contract.

Q: Do we have to fill out CST logs/documentation like last year?

A: The team will be required to complete documentation that will be developed using your input.

Q: Will everyone be on the same pay scale?

A: This issue has been submitted and taken under advisement by district leadership, however no change has been made at this time.

Q: Have we been demoted?

A: No, this is absolutely not a demotion, rather a new opportunity in a new department.

Q: What about our relationships with teachers?

A: You will continue working with former campuses through the CST request protocols, you will also have opportunities to share your expertise at other campuses as well. We believe bonds with teachers will be strengthened through a coaching relationship as opposed to an evaluative one. You are no longer required to do Classroom Walk Throughs.

Q: Fundamental five is a district initiative, when will we be trained?

A: It will be offered again at a later date.

Q: Why were we not told about this earlier, some of us might not have wanted to do this new job?

A: Immediately after district leadership finalized the decision, CSTs were notified. If you are still interested in taking another position, human resources is available to discuss options.

Q: Will campuses/coordinators/area directors be notified of the change in our position?

A: Yes.

Q: Does 7/30/14 count as one of our fifteen extra days since we are not on contract?

A: No. 202 days contracts have specific first and last days.