Offensive or Offender?

Forensic Mental Health Evaluations With Candice

It's not always black and white....

  • Expert consultation/testimony on challenging sex crime cases.
  • District, Justice, and Federal Cases in Utah and Nationally- including the Juvenile Justice System.
  • A-typical clients: first time offenders, traumatic brain injury, arrested development, low functioning, mental illness, physical disabilities, etc.
  • Cases include: viewing/distributing child pornography, exhibitionism (lewdness), voyeurism, sexual exploitation of minor cases, unlawful sex with a minor cases, soliciting escorts, prostitution.
  • Sexual preoccupation, various addictions, mental illness, brain injury, developmental delay, and trauma’s impact on a person’s choice to commit a sex crime.
  • Evaluations for Professionals who've lost their professional license due to sexual misconduct.
  • Risk Assessments for pre-post conviction (parole board hearings).
  • Accurate treatment recommendations that may include addiction treatment, trauma therapy.
  • Professional Education and training on prevention as an accurate treatment of non-contact sex crimes

About Candice...

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist-Supervisor, Certified Abel Assessor, Certified EMDR Trauma Expert, Forensic Evaluator, Legal Expert Witness

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