First Week of School Activities

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The First Day Jitter's Book

Share Your First Day Jitter's

Write your first day jitters on a sticky note. Share with the class by posting them on the dry erase board.

Compare and Contrast Activity

Venn Diagram

The First Day Jitter's

All About Your Teacher

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Question and Answer Time About Your Teacher

1. Write a question on a sticky note that you want to ask about your teacher. Post it on the dry erase board.

Back To School Cootie Catcher Activity

Cootie Catcher Link

*teacher must print off for students

Classroom Rules and Procedures
The Signmaker's Assistant

Create a Classroom Rule Poster

What should our classroom rules be? Make a poster that lists the most important classroom rules. Write these rules down and decorate your poster.
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Set Goals:

Create a Goal Sheet for this school year. What do you want to accomplish this year?

Classroom Values