Temperate Grasslands

Rebekka Sommer

What is a Temperate Grassland?

A temperate grassland is a division of a larger biome classified by a dominance of grasses. Temperate grasslands have little to no rainfall, and no trees and/or shrubs are present. The temperate grasslands have extreme temperature fluctuation due to the lack of precipitation and shrubbery.

Where Are They Found?

-Veldts of South Africa

-Puzta of Hungary

-Pampas of Argentina and Uruguay

-Steppes of Russia and China

-Plains and Prairies of North America

-Australian Outback

-Minnesota Cedar Creek Region

Flora of the Temperate Grassland

Fauna of the Temperate Grassland


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Grasslands soil is dark and deep. The upper layer is the most fertile, due to the buildup of many layers of dead branching stems and roots. The organic matter provides a layer of nourishment to the living flora.

Köppen Climate Classification of Topeka, Kansas

The average amount of precipitation in Topeka, Kansas, is 20-35 inches of rain per year. The mean temperature for Topeka is 19℉-91℉ (-7℃-32℃).

Abiotic Factors of the Temperate Grassland

Grasslands are found in mid-latitude regions.

They have a dry, subtropical climate.


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