Presidential Pamphlet Project

by:Tasya Fluharty

Constitutional requirements to be the President

  1. You have to be at least 35 years old to become the President
  2. You have to be the resident within the United States for 14 years
  3. You have to be a natural born Citizen

What is the salary,benefits,and perks of the president's job

  1. The president's salary is $400,000
  2. The benefits of the president's job is that the president has a full time secret service protection for himself and his family and also he has the access to Camp David and Air Force One which operates at $180,000 an hour.The president flies for free.
  3. The perks of the president job are Retirement perks,salary,Air Force One and Marine One,Camp David,Security and Advance Team,Ground Transportation Services,Blair House,South Lawn Amenities,Personal Staff,White House

What are 10 Constitutional Powers granted to the President in Article 11

  1. Serve as a commander in chief of all U.S. armed forces
  2. Commission officers of armed forces
  3. Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses(except impeachments)
  4. Convene special sessions of Congress
  5. Receive foreign ambassadors
  6. Take care that the Federal Laws are faithfully executed
  7. Wield the "executive power"
  8. Appoint officials to lesser offices
  9. Make treaties
  10. Appoint ambassadors,judges, and higher officials and also approve legislation

Categorize the powers into the executive,judicial, and diplomatic legislative

1. Diplomatic

2. Diplomatic

3. Judicial

4. Executive

5. Executive

6. Judicial

7. Executive

8. Judicial

9. Diplomatic

10. Executive

Which power is important to you and why

I think the most important power is to make treaties. I think making treaties is very important because you can make a formal written agreements between two or more nations and if you do make a treaties you can settle and agree to one thing and not get into arguments between each other so I think making treaties is the most important power.

#4 List and describe in your own words the 5 leadership qualities and skills necessary to be a successful President as described in the attached leadership worksheet

The five traits that I picked that I feel are the most important of a president are (1)decision making,(2) the ability to create collaborative tiger teams, (3)conflict resolution, (4)trust, and (5)personalities.Decision Making is very important to be a successful President because as a president you need to be able to make important decisions throughout your whole time as a president. The decision making will not be easy but it will be hard and difficult because you are older and you can make decisions on your own and you need to help further the country.Tiger teams is another trait that I picked and that I think its important because tiger team has to involve with teaming skills and it also has to involve some solving the huge problems that we are facing today with jobs,energy, and social issues.Conflict Resolution is another trait that I picked to be a successful president because you have the awesome power to control the military when its important to go to war and its really up to you when you want to go into a war.Trust is another trait that I picked to be a successful president because it is really important to tell the truth at all times when you are the president because if you don't tell the truth you can be fired from your job which is pretty sad and people will think of you as a lier an if you want to have a good relationship towards your country you can tell the truth and the country and your people will like you and the people will admire you if you are being honest to them but if you don't t tell the truth or make a huge mistake with your country,your country will be upset and maybe cry also because you ruined their relationship with you and it will be a huge embarrassment but in a long run it will help you to stay popular with the men and women of the United States of America.Personalities is another trait that I picked to be a successful president because I think its really important because if you want to stand out you can't be boring in public and also if you have some sort of personality in you, you can get a lot of people to like you and you can make a lot of them be on your side and you don't have to argue with them and later the people will help you in a long run if you want to become the president they can vote for you and help you run of being the president and have them be on your side and make them really happy.

#6Describe how you would use your position as President of the US to find a solution to a current challenge facing our country

If I was to become the President of the United States of America I would try to help and find a solution to Gun Control that we are facing our country right now in the year of 2016. I would start and look for a way to help prevent gun control from being a problem in our country today. In the year of two-thousand and fifteen as I watched some television there seemed to be a lot of shootings on the television and alot of crimes and as I watched some TV the police on the News was not using their power to help the people but instead of abusing the gun control policy and to face this issue there are a lot of people that are affected by it. If I was the President I would travel to different cities and make a speech and talk in front of large crowds how I feel very concerned and how to deal with this issue today and how people should love and support the 2nd Amendment then I would talk to my cabinet with how they would tackle this gun control problem that our country is facing today. To help me with this issue I would go in large crowds and in front of congress and tell them I have made an order(executive)to start enforcing programs in the police departments and help the police to stop.If you would to become an officer someday at any time I would have them go through background checks longer with anyone with a mental disorder. If people become mad about the law I would try and compromise with them and help them realize that its okay for this gun control law to be because I want our country to be safe and have a lot of crimes that I see on the television to go down and also I want there to be less crimes,shootings, and anything that has to do with guns that affect our country and our people.
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