Brain Tumor

Kate Thies - Block 1


There isn't an exact cuase that professionals know of yet - but there are many factors that could lead to a brain tumor, which include: genetically passed, hairdye, cell phones, tanning beds, smoking and alcohol, radiation (CAT scans, X-rays, radiotherapy) directly to the head, and people who have had cancer as a child


change in memory, concentration, attention, and alertness

nausea and vomiting - early in the morning

double vision or loss of vision

difficult to talk and walk

headaches and feeling weak

What is going wrong inside the body?

The cells on the certain part of the brain are continuing to grow even though the body does not need them, which will then result into a tumor


You could have surgery to remove the tumor, but if the tumor is in a spot on the brain where it would not be safe to have surgery then you will have to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy which would shrink and or kill the cells


keeping your phone away from your head as much as possible, not tanning in a tanning bed, and be extra cautious when getting X-rays close or on your head


surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy

Interesting facts

*about half of the brain tumors turn into cancer

*brain tumors are the first cancer-related death in children under 10

*around 200,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor per year

*males have a higher percentage of getting a brain tumor and dying from the tumor than females

*taller people have a higher risk of getting a brain tumor - evidence is still being collected to prove this today