Poetry is like a rainbow....

The "love" & "power" of poetry .

5 Year Old Nia

Nice bed time stories.

Icing on the cake.

Always getting in trouble.

Mondays have strawberry cakes.

Coloring in most favorite books.

Crying from getting in trouble.

Octopus the stuffed animal.

Nana baking cookies.

Never disrespecting grandma or mom.

Eating my favorite sugar cookies.

Lying in my mother’s bed when scared.

Loving mother’s warm hugs.

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Ode to the ocean

To the ocean that makes me happy

when the waves slide from side to side

the peaceful sound of peace at sight

love and happiness all in one place.

The ocean is a good place to be at night

the crickets chirping and howls at the moon

firefly's come by at times

stars sparkle up high to the sky.

When you hear the fish flop around

the ocean is how to escape from life

just listen and peace will come at times

listen to the waves all clashing at once.

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Ode To Spring

Leaves falling wind blowing

the spring I love, I love to see

buzzing, whistling, chirping as well

flowers blooming colors bright.

Cherry tree apple tree's

winds carrying smells of fresh fruit

cloudy and sometimes rainy

birds singing wondering around.

Pool's raped up closing down

bikinis and shorts then tanks

all around is all you see

summer time is over its time for spring.

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Earth day

Clouds and trees bushing out

leaves falling

birds chirping flying from tree to tree

pinecones and flowers

can almost taste it.

juicy cherry trees

wind flowing slight felling as

if ant's are crawling on my legs.

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Elegy to my uncle

My uncle I lost I miss him everyday

the laughs he gave me day after day

his love and support on crappy days

now that he is gone I feel in pain.

He drew like an professional artist

mostly I miss the advice and hardworking

laughing and giggling always having fun

presents I received almost every day.

The life of the party but why that day

I remember word for word on what you said

pours out wishes upon the stars

we know that you are here in are heart.

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Life is like ....

Life is like heaven

filled with kindness

and sometimes peaceful

and even with kind people.

People with ways to help others and keep us smiling

strong people help stay

along and smile all day long

but don't forget only sometimes

life is like heaven.....

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Poems story's comparing

Quiz's computers reading

Building up writting skills

Narratives comparing and contrasting

English class i love , love because we learn lots of new thing.

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33 Years Old Nia

Never being late to work.

In business places.

Always making mother proud as an adult.

Mystery and horror films with suspision.

Creating and directing movies.

Completing life goals.

Owning my own directing studio.

Never failing.

Never giving up.

Employee of the month every year

Living in 2 big house in Los Angeles.

Living wealthy & strong.

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