Careers in Science Flyer

"Attention getter for your career" Colton Kimps

Basic information about your career

10 bullet points of information about your career

Picture of someone doing your career

Pros and cons of this career

Use a t-chart to show positives and negatives of this career

What do you need to do to succeed in this career?

Here is where you will tell what you need to do in high school and in college to succeed in this career. Again, a bullet-ed chart would work here.

Associations/Professional organization for this career

Enter full names, addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses of at least 2 groups that can provide you further information on this career.

Job Advertisement

Write a job advertisement that could go into the local paper enticing someone to want to apply for this job - be sure to use at least 5-7 facts about the job to show you clearly understood what this occupation/career was all about. Adding a picture couldn't hurt...