Fall Challenge Group!!

Just in time for those Holiday Pictures!

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Free Shaker Bottle...or two INCENTIVE!

3 months until those Christmas pictures. That is more than enough time to get down to that size you want so you can fit into that awesome sweater! :-)

It starts w/ a 24-day Challenge which will kickstart those great habits back up and get you ready for the holidays! www.24daychallengemovie.com

There is an incentive running until next Tuesday and here is how it works:

As a distributor, go on to your micro site and order $250 worth of product (retail value..before your discount) and email your screen shot receipt to mtnmvrreceipts@gmail.com by Tuesday 9/30 and you'll receive ONE brand new Advocare Shaker bottle. Orders $500 or more (retail value...before your discount) will earn you TWO brand new shaker bottles!

***Any person that signs up as a NEW distributor AND does the $250 or $500 order will also receive a Brand new Advocare Water bottle as well!!!***

Take 3 mintues and check out our friend Stephanie as she was able to retire at 25 and quit her job at Penn State! If she can do it...You can do it!

Stephanie Fuss - Next Chapter Begins 7/30/2015
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Our friends James and Mariah. (Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama)

This is a different type of transformation. This is my buddy James and his awesome wife Mariah Rutter. He is the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Alabama. Just a little over 2 years ago he was buried in student loan debt (Law School isn't cheap...) and had to work 18 hours a day to just afford to put food on the table and gas in the car. He knew that it was insane to think he could do the same thing and get different results so he decided to try something and that something was Advocare! My My My, how his story has changed in just 2 short years. He has paid off over $116,000 in student loan debt, had an amazing wedding that they paid cash for and even had their honeymoon at The Greenbrier resort paid for by Advocare.
I share this because I know there are people out there working their tails off to pay off student loan debt. You can start your very own side business to work off debt and it cost less than $80! What other business or opportunity can you find to pay that much debt off for that low?

If you need help ordering or just want to know more...Check out our site!

Maghan and Hal Craig