Where do Pre-nursing Students Go?

Tuesday 9, 2014

Where do Pre-nursing Students Go?

(1) Pre-nursing students are highly recommended to go to SI in the student service center (SSC). The SI help students understand the science subject that the pre-nursing students are taking. SI improved the understandings of students in the science classes they take. It can only guarantee the students will do good as they review them together. They also handout study guides to students depending on who the professor is. These study guides will help students have a good look at what the exams are going to look like. Depending on the professor, they will also put what they lectured in class so students would have to listen carefully and take notes along the lectures given each time.

(2) The SSC 340 provides free academic tutoring for students. Students will have to sign up for it and choose the appointment that they will attend to every week with the same time. Students get to choose three times in the beginning of tutoring session because that's how the system will put them into groups with a tutor. SSC 340 offers great benefits into students and their studying. They are able to give feedbacks, guides, and test studying strategies to students. In the tutoring department, there is also drop-in hours for students who need help with math and their English writing essay.

(3) Pre-nursing students get to do a lot of intensive writing, so they will most often need to look for professional help and need quite as many peer reviews as possible. They can get their writing checked and formatted from the ESL resource center. The ESL center is the English student learning them source center that provide all the writing style and needs for students who want to know what the paper should look like and how they should be given some feedback about their writing.

(4) Students can get other resources and help from their professor and make an appointment with them as they learn about each other because both student and professor also have their own personal life outside of school and it can be a stress relieve with great benefits. Professors are the ones that know the subject best and that's why pre-nursing students should rely on those options to seek appointments and revision with them.

(5) If the pre-nursing student is struggling and did horrible in their first semester, then it's a good opportunity that in the CSU Chico system, they give three forgiveness as only is per a class only for to students to retake their classes except it would not do much if the student did fail in their prerequisites. It's best for pre-nursing students to take it slow in school and their classes because it will certainly be stressful. For instance, taking one science class at a time each semester should do good for them. It would be a lot less stressful for them.

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