Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Ellie Chandler

December 11, 2015

Hello, I am Ellie Chandler. Recently, my lab and I have discovered a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. Nuclear fusion is what powers the sun and stars! Can you imagine the way modern technology and energy sources would change if we could harness this power?

Nuclear Fusion vs. Nuclear Fission

Nuclear fusion, of course, different than nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the act of two atoms fusing together to create a larger atom. On the other hand, nuclear fission is quite the opposite. Nuclear fission is when an atom splits into two or more smaller parts.

Safety Concerns and Precautions

Nuclear fusion is considered to be very safe. When nuclear fusion occurs there is an absence of a possible chain reaction. As well, nuclear fusion does not release any radioactive waste. Quite contrary to nuclear fission.

Economic Impact

As to be expected, the economic impact of using nuclear fusion as a energy source are huge! The fuel consumption in a fusion power station is extremely low. Less fuel used means minimal greenhouse gases produced. Plus, with the price of fuel increasing this would be an inexpensive form of energy.