The Crusaders

By Daisy Gonzalez

An Overview of the Crusaders

Jerusalem was their Holy Land.

Christians: It was the place where Jesus was crucified and ascended to Heaven.

Jews: it was the place where Muhammad ascended to Heaven.

Muslims: it was the site of the ancient temple built by Solomon.

The First Crusade Problem

In 600 C.E, Arabs took control of Jerusalem. The Arabs let the Christian and Jew Pilgrim visit Jerusalem. In 1095 C.E a new group of Arabs took control of Jerusalem and closed the city to Christians and Jews. The Pope ordered a crusade- holy cause. The Pope said that everyone who volunteer and died on sea or land they will automatically go to Heaven. it was a chance for knights to show their skills. For peasants it was a chance to escape their group in the Federal system. For other people it was a chance to get famous and become rich if they survive the war. Every volunteer have a red cross on their armor or fabric.

The Resolution

After two years of fighting. The crusaders arrived at Jerusalem and fought against the Arabs. After the fight was done the crusaders won back Jerusalem. many crusaders returned home with new foods and forms of culture and the rest stayed.