Cons of GMOs

The Spawn of the Green Revolution

Genetically Modified Organisms: Why we shouldn't grow them

  • Health risks
    • Allergens are added to DNA
    • Antibiotic immunity
  • May hurt small farmers
    • Monsanto has sued many small farmers for using its “patented” plants
    • Increase in gap between rich and poor because poor farmers can’t afford GMOs (land debt)
    • Allowing use in places where originally couldn’t be grown; less revenue for sources
    • Prevents variety in plants when we become dependent (90% of supply=15 crops, but places like India has 50,000, which is insurance against catastrophes)
  • Could harm the environment
    • Some animals are getting immune to everything
    • Many animals are dying off due to bad pollen
    • Weeds are getting immune to everything
    • Crops are becoming damaging as weeds
  • People are against unnatural organisms
    • Genes from animals and other crops are used in many things (pork in a tomato, per se)
  • Profit driven; doesn’t consider other things
    • Eventually, the corp.’s controlling GMOs will take over all seed production and leave behind NICs and LDCs
    • Desire for profit fogs up decisions; this harms the environment and people who are dependent on them
  • Low regulation on GMOs in USA
    • FDA, EPA, and Dep. Of Agriculture do not scrutinize GMOs well enough
    • Not enough testing is done before products are released
    • It is not required to label foods with GMOs