A Little Bit Scary

By Molly Roden

You may think Larry is scary, but...

  • He is smart and loves to read fairy tales.
  • he is nice and gentle and loves to make pottery with me
  • he always shares his toys with me.
  • he always says his pleases and thank yous

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Good Deeds

  • Larry brings me flowers when I am sad.
  • Larry makes me yummy hot chocolate when I am cold in the snow.
  • Larry takes me where ever I want to go because I can't drive.


Larry has one sister and two happy parents. They all like to play shurades together and knit sweaters for my whole family. Larry's family also likes to take family vacations.


  • Larry likes to make arts and crafts.
  • Larry likes to cook me meals.
  • Larry likes to swim.
  • Larry also likes to go on crazy roller coasters.

My monsters favorite things

  • Larry's favorite color is purple because he likes the ravens
  • Larry's favorite food is blue berry pie.
  • Larry's favorite show is The Simpsons.