Fifth Grade Flyer

November 2015

Classroom News

North Frederick Website offers a lot of valuable resources or families. Please use this website as a resource to stay current on the happenings at NFES!

Google Classroom News:

A Google Classroom has been set up as a Parent and Student resource for use at home. Students will need to log on to Google Classroom using their normal logon procedures. They then need to select the + symbol at the top of their sign-in screen. Select join and enter the code 2zovj6. Within this classroom, categories have been created based on 5th grade math standards. Within each category are videos and games to assist you and your child with building mathematical understanding of these concepts. Scroll down through the categories to find what you need. Material will continue to be added throughout the school year. As always, if you have specific questions about a skill or assignment, please speak to your classroom teacher.

Math Matters

In math, we have been working on the concept of volume for rectangular prisms. Students are estimating volume, using unit cubes to calculate volume, and using the volume formula. During Quarter 2 we will be revisiting place value, decimal, and multiplication/division concepts. Students will continue their exploration of fractions by adding, subtracting, solving word problems incorporating fractions, and plotting data on line plots including fractional data points. We will work on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals and whole numbers to the hundredths place value working towards the standard algorithms. Students should be continuing to practice their math facts, which will be needed to transition to more complex problems.

Science and Social Studies

Social Studies:
Our exploration in social studies starts with the map skills. We then move into discussing and learning about American beginnings involving the first explorers and the first colonial settlements in North America. We will also explore the economic aspects of each time period that is explored.

Science is continuing with a unit on ecosystems and habitats. We focus on both plant life and life cycles. We will have living organisms in our classrooms, soon! Stay tuned!

Language Arts

In reading, we are reading extended informational texts for multiple purposes. We are examining the structure of text. Students will be explicitly taught, as readers how to comprehend complex text. Instruction will focus on high level comprehension skills as well as a focus on providing opportunities for students to analytically converse about complex text. Teachers will gather a variety of informational texts which support the science and social students content units and that are examples of the five most common text structures (description, sequence, compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect).

In writing, we are crafting an argumentative writing piece. We rae learning how to research both sides of a debate, craft a position statement and then defend our position statement using text evidence from various articles and news sources. Currently, we are debating aspects of school lunches..