By Matigan Janes

Athens Government

Athens Government surprisingly started out as an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a government ruled by a small group of people.
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Solon the Mighty Tyrant

The tyrant Solon changed the government in many good ways. He freed farmers that had sold themselves into slavery and took away debts that the farmers could not pay. He was a huge help to the Athens.

The Democracy

The Athens Government then became a democracy or when the citizens share in the running of their government.

The Choosing of the Citizens

There was a lottery held to choose the citizens and make all the choices fair and equal so everyone had a chance.

Athens Schooling

Education in Athens was highly valued along with trade and economy. Boys were taught arithmetic and how to read and write from one teacher. Another teacher taught sports to the boys. The final teacher taught music.

Boys schooling

The boys stayed in school until they were 18 years old.
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Girls in Athens

While the boys were at school, girls stayed home with their mothers. There they learned how to spin, cook and do other household chores.
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Wealthy Girls

Girls from wealthy families could go to school with the boys.

Religion in Athens

The Athens were Polytheists or believed in many gods and goddesses.
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Where you can find Athens

Athens is located Northeast of Sparta, which is about a two-day walk.
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Athens is Awesome!

Athens is really just a place you would have wanted to live in! The education was great and overall so was the government. You were free to believe whatever you wanted. If I were to live in Ancient Greece I would certainly choose Athens to start my family!
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