Akbar's Debate

Due Date: 1/20

Main Task

Write a script of what you imagine a conversation between Akbar and four other religious leaders would be like. The four leaders should represent the following faiths: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. You may include a sixth person to represent an additional faith.


You must use the simplified script format distributed in class and follow the directions on the performance based checklist about spacing. Remember to skip only one line between characters speaking.
Remember to be careful when using sites on the internet. They can be biased or misleading. Use the recommended sources first.

Example of Akbar's Debate script

This is an example to help you get started. Be careful not to copy the format. Also, do not plagiarize.


The Big Religion Comparison Chart


A creative comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism.


When you are done

You may play Mahjong. Lilly, my daughter and Winifred, my grandma, love to spend hours playing this game. Mahjong is a game that came from ancient China. Our next unit of study is China. This particular game is made more interesting by also being connected to India. I love it when cultures collide!http://www.mahjonggames.com/mahjong-game.php?mahjong=India+Secrets&game=144