Construction Project

Looking For Projects to Bid On

Looking For Projects to Bid On

I have a construction project in where I buy small, uneven lots that big developers cannot use so they sell them and I build houses on those lots. I have been doing this kind of construction for over seven years now. The community wherein I live is in a poor state and I thought that shelter is a basic need and that somehow I can provide it for them. I started it because I saw a necessity in my community for shelter projects that are affordable and cheap. That is when I decided to try looking into a different kind of construction. When I have build about a hundred affordable homes over the years and have also been able to sell them immediately and now my problem is I have no more clienteles who I can build houses for.

I saw this site about McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge Lead Center, at first I was not sure what they do so I read a little more about them. I found out that they are a site that will be helpful to me if I was going into a different area of construction. They will help me find projects to bid on basing on the base of my business operations and area of expertise. It might sound dramatic, but I do owe it to them that I still continue my business. Because of them I did not have to change what I do best which is make residential homes. There are many construction firms out there but there are also many projects available so there are enough for all of us. I have won lots of bids with the help of their site and being a small business owner that has helped me kept my business afloat.

I may have won many bids but I have also lost a lot, but it is okay because there are still many projects available and I am notified when a new one comes in. There may be a small amount that I have to pay but that is nothing compared to the money I will gain when I get a new project with their help. They are really great and they are genius for coming up with an idea like this. It is amazing what one can do with the internet. Dodge is the best lead service I have seen so far, so I will continue to use it. Joining this dodge has been a good decision for my career in making residential homes, and with my business booming I can continue to support my family and provide jobs for my workers. Looking for projects is no longer as hard as it was before when there was still no sites like this one. They have really helped me connect with clients who are looking for contractors.

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