Should Pesticides Be Used On Food?

Smore created by: Ashley, Austin, Bailey, and Leslie

The Dangers of Pesticides by: Samantha Jakuboski

-Pesticides can make their way into a water source, if a body of water becomes contaminated with the chemicals, many fish and other animals may die or get sick.

-Can can also affect groundwater,, many people depend on groundwater for their drinking supply, yet, that water had pesticides in it, it is unsanitary and harmful for the people to drink

-Pesticides can also spread and cause potential harm by volatilization, it occurs when a pesticide turns into a gas or vapor after it was been sprayed, allowing it to travel through the air and spread to different pieces of land

-Pesticides are hazardous to a person's health, they are stored in your colon and they eventually poison the body

-Pesticides also have the potential to harm the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the endocrine system

Benefits of Pesticides and crop protection Chemicals by: CropLife

CropLife is an corporation that supports and studies crop protection. The article they wrote was to support pesticides probably because their corporation deals with supporting and informing people about pesticides.

-Helps control thousands of weed species, harmful insects, and numerous plant diseases

-Without crop protection and pest control U.S. food production would decline

-Many fruits and vegetables would be in short supply -> prices would increase

-Production of important fibers for clothing would decrease as farmers would lose their harvest

-Up to 40 percent of the world's potential crop production is already lost annually because of the effects of weeds and diseases, these lost crops would be doubled if existing pesticide uses were abandoned

-Crop production chemicals that reduce insect damage allow the consumer to purchase high quality produce free of insect fragments

-Pesticide products are used to control termites, roaches, ants, rats and other pests

-Herbicides are used to control vegetation that clogs navigable and other water ways, or threatens to obstruct highway utility and railroad rights of way

-Pesticides are used to protect and enhance lawns, gardens, public parks, playing fields, lakes and ponds for public enjoyment

-Aflatoxin, a carcinogen , can cause liver and other cancers in humans, lower the body's normal immune response, and can impair growth in children, crop protection chemicals are used to control insect damage that leads to aflatoxin contamination

Our Opinions

Leslie: I think that pesticides are okay because they help us to produce more food and can even prevent diseases

Austin: I think pesticides are fine because pests need to be controlled and they will be if we use this.

Bailey: I think that pesticides are fine because they help make food and doesn't harm the plant

Ashley: I think its okay because it keeps bugs off