The Green Revolution

By: Sujay Adhikari


The Green Revolution involves two main practices: the introduction of higher-yield seeds and the expanded use of fertilizers. Other elements of the Green Revolution the increase in land devoted to agriculture, and the double-cropping of existing farmland.


Stimulates the Economy

Countries will be able to harvest more crops, and thus export more crops. This leads to more money that they can spend on better supplies, which lead to even more exports and money. This helps stimulate the economy.

Massive Scale Crop Growth

With the Green Revolution you can plant crops at a massive scale, and crops can be harvested at a faster rate.


Manufacturers are needed to make the supplies for the farmers. This is all apart of the agribusiness. This leads to more jobs and a higher GDP.


The Green Revolution brings in a lot of money which is essential for development. The best chance for an LDC to become an MDC is by taking part in the Green Revolution because it helps the economy and increases the amount of jobs in all sectors which is essential in development

It Has Been Proven to Work

India was apart of the Green Revolution and as a result they had a record grain output of 131 million tons. The Green Revolution also increased the number of jobs, and helped out the economy of India. Also because of the Green Revolution, agricultural productivity at a global scale has increased faster than population growth. This means that it is in indeed on its way to completing its goal of ending world hunger.