St Pats Weekly Bulletin

May 8th

Let us all pray for God's Divine Mercy for the Fort McMurray Evacuees

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Camrose Welcome Centre is Open for Fort McMurray Evauees

Phone Number: 780-678-3444


The initial hours of operation will be as follows:

Sat May 7th --> 13:00 to 19:00

Sun May 8th --> 13:00 to 19:00

Mon to Fri --> 8:00 to 19:00

St Pats is open to and is receiving Fort McMurray Evauee Children

Please note that we are accepting all children from Fort McMurray who are looking to place their children in school. Invite, any of the families that you may know. They need to just come to school and we will assist in registering their children. Also, register on line at stpats

Friday's Assembly

Student of the Week Winners

Elina Rideout - 2K: Extra Library Time

Cody Nordstrom - 4/5C: WWJD Bracelet

Bray Paulson - 5G : Mystery Prize Box

Jack Johnson -3E: Jersey for the the week

Londan MacDonald - ECSW: Mystery Prize Box

Aurora Littlepoplar -1J: St Pats water bottle

Ethan Hafso - 3S: Mystery Prize Box

Ethan Swerda - 6B: WWJD Bracelet

6 students spun and won the Principal's Chair for a day. I lost my chair for 6 days this month! The winners are: Julia Makoloski, Althea Gucusan, Kathile Huong, Avey Olafson, Shairah Soriano, Elosia Cuervas.

Thank you all for being great students!

Eucharistic Adoration This Week Tuesday and Thursday at the Parish

Kindergarten Registration for Next Year

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Please register your eligible children for Kindergarten

Register on line at and click on the registration link. We are planning for next year and want to ensure all have registered.

Raffle Baskets Fundraiser came in at $2000.00. Thank you for all of the donations.

This Week Wednesday 7 pm Parent Meeting on Internet Safety and Security

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IMPORTANT Bus Transportation for Next Year


Another year is approaching completion and our department is planning the 2016-2017 year. Please take the time to read through the bullets below. If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Office by calling 780-449-6480, via fax: 780-449-6481 or email

 If your child’s transportation address(es) will be changing, the Transportation

Request form must be completed indicating the alternate address information.

The form is located on line at under “Transportation”.

 If your child did not access the yellow bus this year and will require busing for

2016-2017, please complete the Transportation Request form located on line at under “Transportation”.

 If your child accessed the yellow bus this year, busing will be automatically

assigned and the 2016-2017 invoice, where fees are applicable, will be mailed to

 If your child accessed the yellow bus this year and will not require the service for

2016-2017, please advise the office immediately. This will allow for the planning

of more efficient services.

 If you are contacted by a driver in August and your child will not be accessing

the yellow bus, please let us know so that we may remove his/her name from the

list and cancel the invoice if one has been issued.

 The deadline for payment to ensure your child receives bus service for

August 30th is July 31st.

 We are looking for Spare Drivers for the 2016-2017 school year. If you or

someone you know might be interested, please submit your resume to Class 2 Training will be provided and costs reimbursed.


  • May 10 --> Eucharistic Adoration at Parish groups of students all day
  • May 11 --> Telus Wise Presentation to gr 3 - 6 students.
  • May 11 --> 7 pm Telus Wise Presentation to PARENTS
  • May 12 --> Eurcharist Adoration at Parish groups of students all day
  • May 12 --> Gr 6 Provincial Achievement Test .. Written Portion Language Arts
  • May 17 --> School Track Meet
  • May 19 --> Parent Council 8 PM
  • May 27 --> City of Camrose Track Meet
  • May 30 --> Spring Photos
  • May 31 --> Spring Photos
  • Camrose Census

    To those families who reside in Camrose, please remember to take part in the Municipal Census from April 1 - May 31, 2016. Your participation will provide the City and the School Boards with up to-to-date statistical information for short and long term planning, and will ensure that the City receives much needed grant funding for City services. For further information visit the City of Camrose website at