Booking Your Calendar

How to get Your Calendar Filled!

Tips & Tricks

1. Wear your Locket EVERYWHERE!

People DO notice! You never know when someone may ask you about your locket. (I've been asked by cashiers, my dental hygienist, teachers, moms at school, waitresses...etc...) No matter what I'm wearing, I never leave home without it!

2. Have your calendar Ready and Available with your Open Party Dates Marked!

Make sure to have your calendar out and highlighted at your Jewelry Bars™ and events. This makes it easier for people to COMMIT to a Jewelry Bar™ date, instead of walking away and thinking about it.

3. Host an OPEN HOUSE!

Can't get any Jewelry Bars™ booked? Has it been awhile since your launch party? Have you yet to have your launch party? DO IT!

My advice:

  • Keep it fun and relaxing!

Music, light snacks and drinks always set the mood (Afterall, it is a party, right?)

  • Have your Jewelry Bar™ displayed along with information for your guests to take about Hosting A Jewelry Bar™ and Becoming a Designer.
  • Invite Everyone and DO NOT rely solely on a FaceBook Invitation.

Use our lovely Card Invitations and MAIL them to your closest friends. Call or send

a pretty Email Invitaion. Make it more personal and you will get a much better response

ratio and overall turnout.

4. Connect with your Customers

  • Start a FB Business Page, Invite your friends and post regularly. (Monday Motivation, Fashion Friday, etc) Share stories and inspiration. Make your a page a place your {Fans} want to visit and interact with! {Talk to your mentor beforehand. There are guidelines that all IDs must follow when setting their page.}
  • Make sure to update your Contact Email Addresses into our Monthly Newsletter System. (O2 Connection)
  • Always include Business Cards with your Mailings.
  • Make sure your Business Information/Contact Info is included on your Email Signature.
  • Stay in touch with past Hostesses always and shower them with love! They are your best form of advertisement-make sure you leave them with catalogs and business cards for when they spread the word about how awesome their Jewelry Bar™ was!

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