Bud, not Buddy

By: Arieana Schultz

The Story Of Bud, Not Buddy By:Christopher Curtis

Bud Caldwell is a 10-year-old orphan that is in an orphanage. A women came in and told Bud that he would be going to a new home. He went to a family called the Amuses there boy named Tod was mean to Bud Tod stuck a pencil up Buds nose. Bud yelled and Tod's mom came in Tod lied to his mom and said it was all Buds fault and that Bud hurt him. Mrs. Amuse decided to put bud in the shed. After Bud got cut by fish heads and stung by hornets Bud managed to escape. He pour water on Tod's bed and went out of the house. And that is where Buds adventure began again.

The Train!!!

When Bud went to the library after he went to the mission to eat he met his friend Bugs a kid from the home also known as the foster home. Bud and Bugs decided that they would both go hop a train to go to Chicago to go find the librarian so Bud could ask her something. The night before Bud and Bugs hopped the train they ate dinner with a group of people in a little town. Deza Malone a girl in the town went with Bud to wash the dishes ,when Deza started to sing a song, and then when the song was over the two of them kissed. The next morning Bud and Bugs tried to hop the train but Bud went to get his flyer so the train left with only Bugs on it. When he went back to the town police where burning the shacks the people lived in so Bud decided to go back to the library. The next day Bud decided to walk instead.

The End

At the end Bud finds out that Mr. Calloway was his grandfather. The book ended well but I wish I knew more on what happens to the other characters. I liked the book but I would rate it as a 3 star because the story was just tragic through the whole thing. Also in the story it said bad words , words that where old fashion and words that where hard to understand a little. i liked how the book rolled along i also liked that it sounded like a mystery because i didn't know what would happen next. I loved that the story ended well and not horrifying.

The Great Depression

The author wrote the book so the setting was in the great depression. That is why in the story Bud had to go to the mission so that he could eat breakfast. During the great depression not a lot of people had money so that is why Bud and Bugs had to hop the train because they had no money to by tickets. The author also( i think) wrote the book so Bud was in the depression because that made it easier to make Bud seem like a kid that had nothing.

The Author!!

The Author of the book is Christopher Curtis. The book was published in 1999. It was copyrighted in that same year. The book won a John Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King award. I think that the Christopher did a good job on the book. The way that he did the book made me put myself in Bud's life. It made me feel bad for Bud and the people around him. That is what i think the author was going for.