Antarctica Animal

Weddell Seals

Facts About Weddell Seals

First off, an average Weight for a Weddell seal for Female and Male is 400 - 450 kg. An average length for a male is 2.9m - 9.5 ft and a female is up to 3.3m -11 ft. A world estimate of the Weddell seal population amount is 500,000 to 1 million. The breeding season is from September to November. A baby seal is called a pup. Weddell seals are also quite the divers because they can stay under water for 45 minutes, See they're not only cute but very good swimmers! Weddell seals are mostly known to die around 30 years old. Weddell Seals do not hibernate.


From September to November is the breeding season for Weddell seals. While the Female seals are pregnant, the male seal is Guarding the mother seal and making sure the breathing hole dose not close up. The breathing hole is where a seal can enter and exit the water. A mother is typically pregnant for 11 months till the pups are born. When a mother seal has given birth it will have up to 1 to 3 pups.

Food and Food Chain

Weddell Seals are carnivores so they only eat meat. Most common food for a weddell seal to eat is fish, squid, octopus and prawns. They mostly catch their food under water, that is what the Breathing holes are for. The enemies for a Weddell seals is Killer Whales and Leopard Seals.

Where Weddel Seals Are Found In Antarctica

Weddell seals do not migrate very far and It wouldn't be surprising if they were very close to where they were born. Weddell seals are mostly found on the Antarctic shore on the ice or on nearby islands.