Brynn Egnarski

  1. Brynn's biggest fear is snakes.
  2. Her favorite t-shirt is her red Pulaski basketball shirt because it is comfortable.
  3. In 20 year's Brynn will live in a house have a husband, kids and a nice job.
  4. Brynn's favorite type of music is pop her favorite singer is Taylor swift, and her favorite song is rose's.
  5. her Favorited book is hole's.
  6. brynn would want to be a penguin because she like's how the waddle.
  7. she would help people on the streets and give them food and blanket's.
  8. if brynn had 3 wishes she would go to a sharlet hornet's game, go to a golden state warrior game and have all homeless people have a house and money.
  9. if brynn could do anything brynn would sleep.
  10. brynn's favorite TV show is duck dynasty.
  11. if brynn could go anywhere in the wold she would go to mexico because they have good slushies.
  12. after collage brynn will live in Wisconsin because it's not crazy like New York.
  13. brynn favorite place to eat is Perkins because they have good breakfast.
  14. if brynn could meet anyone in the world she would ask Stephen curry if there will ever be a girl's NBA.