Sources of Renewable Growing?

The Transitions to Renewable Energy, but It comes at a price

The World is Switching to Renewable energy

More companies are switching and investing into renewable energy. The transition to renewable energy is necessary, for various factors such as human health, and the possible depletion of fossil fuels in the near future. Bigger companies will soon be required to switch to renewable energy because of such high numbers of companies running on fossil fuels, and because bigger amounts of pollution are emitted.
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Choosing Renewable Energy

More companies are switching to renewable energy. Not only is it more helpful for our environment, but for human health around the world. The main reasons that companies are switching to renewable energy is because of the fossil fuel deficit expected, and because using renewable energy is cheaper. Of course such actions come with risks. Things like where the sources will be placed, and the cost to actually integrate the systems and sources. Companies that have no place to put their sources will have trouble setting things up and actually getting the energy.
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Fossil Fuel Shortage

Of course companies are switching to renewable energy because we are expecting to run out of oil. There will be a point where everyone will want oil or gas, but we won't have any or enough for anyone causing a shortage. Companies switching to renewable energy lowers the demand for oil and other fossil fuels, with the demand slowly decreasing the supply will rise because people are using less than what is actually imported here. Sadly, the oil supply will eventually run out, or be very scarce because it is a limited material, and we only have so much.