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Yearbooks will be here soon!!

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If you purchased a yearbook online, it will be delivered to your student on Monday, April 26th. If you still want a yearbook, we have them available for $30 in the office, starting Monday.

The Survivor Tree Read Aloud

The Survivor Tree by Gaye Sanders

Upcoming Events

April 21st: Integris and GLMH Stress Class all grades

April 22nd: 6th Grade Middle School Pre-enrollment @MS Auditorium at 10:30

May 4th: 4th Grade Spring Fling (parents are welcome for morning events outside)

May 4th: 3rd Grade Tours

May 5th: 5th Grade Spring Fling (parents are welcome for morning events outside)

May 5th: 4th Grade to Gathering Place (parents welcome)

May 6th: 5th and 6th Grade Band Concert Practice and Concert (each band member will receive tickets for loved ones)

May 7th: 6th Grade Spring Fling (parents are welcome for morning events outside)

May 7th: 4th Grade performance by Oklahoma Children's Theater @ 9

May 10th: 4th Grade Awards Ceremony @9 in gym (will be streamed on Facebook)

May 11th: 5th Grade Awards Ceremony @ 12:35 in gym (will be streamed on Facebook)

May 13th: 1/2 4th Grade at Splash Pad (parents welcome)

May 13th: 6th Grade Awards Ceremony @ 1:40 in gym (will be streamed on Facebook)

May 14th: Last Day of School

May 14th: 1/2 4th Grade at Splash Pad (parents welcome)

May 14th: 5th Grade to Grove Cinema Six (parents are asked to not attend)

Ridgy News!

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Grove Upper Elementary now has a school newspaper!! As part of a GATE assignment, Abigail Byers and Leah Thompson wanted to create a newspaper specific for GUE. It took them a few months to recruit a staff, plan and publish the first paper, but they did it! The first edition was released for sale in March. We are so excited about this opportunity for our students. Thank you to Abigail and Leah for leaving a lasting legacy at GUE and thank you to Mrs. LuAnn DuBois for sponsoring Ridgy News!

March Madness!

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It's time for March Madness!! Book March Madness that is! This year our students are reading books from different genres and voting for their favorites! Next week we will have our winner! We can wait to see which is our student's favorite book!


CLAWS is the positive behavior program at GUE. Each week students caught exhibiting outstanding character are awarded CLAWS tickets. They are given candy and entered into a drawing. Each week 12 students are drawn to spin the prize wheel and get prizes ranging from the prize box to something from our school store. Congratulations to this week's winners!

Native American Artwork

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Ms. Marilyn McClelland has been hard at work with 4th grade Native American students! They have made both dreamcatchers and clay beaded necklaces this month. Their artwork is beautiful and we are so blessed to have Ms. McClelland join us for 4th grade block!

Fine Arts

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Mrs. (Spychalski) Ross has worked hard to create a fun and innovative fine arts curriculum this year! During March all three grade levels made paper mache Easter eggs. She is a brave woman and the kids loved it! Even our 6th graders still love getting their hands dirty to create! #kidsarekindofabigdealaroundhere

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About Us

Grove Upper Elementary serves grades 4th, 5th and 6th in beautiful Grove, Oklahoma located on the shores of picturesque Grand Lake o' the Cherokees.