Rain forest Biome

Jill Justice and Emma Silvey

Biome Infomation

The Rainforest got its name because it gets an average of 203 centimeters (80 inches) of rain each year. Rainforest are located along the equater, and stays around 80 degrees all year round.

Biotic: Plants

Plant roots are in water, not in the soil, because all the rain has eroded away the soil.

Some plants are bananas, ferns, water lily, kapok tree and orchids. A decomposer is saprophytes.

Biotic: Animals

Ocelots, spider monkeys, macaw, toucan, sloth, boa constrictor, tree snail, jaguar and poison-arrow toad. Sloth's coats camofloage themselves, and sloths move slow to conserve energy. Poison-arrow frogs are brightly colored so predators won't eat them.

Food Chain

Kapok Tree -> Sloth -> Jaguar -> Saprophytes