Going Google

Volume 13

Google Tip #1 - Drag and Drop Labels and Messages

If you want to label a message, you don’t always have to go through the process of selecting the message, then the label button and finding your label. You can just drag and drop your labels on to your messages!

Step 1: Find the label that you want to add

Step 2: Click on the label and drag it to the message you want to add it to.

Once it is dragged on top of the message, it will appear as a label.

Google Tip #2 - Add Fonts in Google Docs

Have you been hesitant to create files Google Docs because you don’t like the font choices you have? Fret no more!

You can add additional fonts to your repertoire for Google Docs in three easy steps:

  1. From within a google doc, click on the down carrot/arrow by the current font you are using.

  2. Go to the very bottom of this list and click on Add Fonts

  3. Review the list provided and select the font(s) you’d like to add, and then click OK.

Now you have some of the fancy fonts you may have been missing from your other word processing programs! Enjoy!

Google Tip #3 - How to Create a Table of Contents in a Google Doc

  • Mark each section of the document with a heading.

    • Highlight the text.

    • Select a heading size from the style menu in the toolbar.

    • Headings will later nest in order of size.

  • Place the cursor in the part of the document where you’d like the table of contents to appear.

    • Go to the Insert menu.

    • Scroll to Table of contents.
  • This table of contents will insert at the cursor location and will automatically link to headings in your document.

  • Click the Update now button in the top right of the table of contents. This will update the table of content after the document has been updated.