West Service Learning

Trimester 3 Project

West Has BIG Hearts

"West Big Heart" spirit week starts this Monday, April 20th to show our big hearts and send our thanks and love to others.

Each day we will be showing appreciation for someone or something in our students lives’ right now. Suggestions will be given, but your student can show their gratitude in the way they choose. Your student can then share what they did or made to the West Google Classroom on the West has Big Hearts Flipgrid for the whole school community to see and appreciate together.

Google Classroom: West School Classroom

Code: a3fujwb

Please note: Your student will need to join with their HCSD credentials _____@stu.hcsdk8.org. Parents can then add themselves to the classroom as “Guardians”.


In addition, we have created a West has Big Hearts Flipgrid- https://flipgrid.com/mata9087

Password: Wildcats

Please take a moment to read the Flipgid consent form

ALL week we will continue making thank you cards for our essential healthcare workers at West and the greater Hillsborough community. We have collected almost 200 so far. Wow Westies!!!

We will also be sharing our “Big Hearts” ALL Week of what we are grateful for during this time, our silver linings for shelter-in-place; on our windows, our walls, our driveways, etc.

To show our kids that their Big Hearts can also help people during this time, we are hoping parents will match their child’s ❤️ with $ towards a school fundraiser to help others less fortunate than us in our community. The LifeMoves shelter is at full capacity at this time in Burlingame and also throughout San Mateo county. They are in need of funds for meals, PPE, cleaning services, staff, and help with many families who are unable to work during shelter-in-place so have lost their paychecks. $1, $5, $10 per student heart, whatever you want to contribute, will help. All funds are then matched 1:1 at LifeMoves by a group of donors.



MONDAY-Gratitude for our families

Write a card for a family member or do an act of kindness

TUESDAY-Gratitude for our teachers

Make a sign saying thank you to include in your zoom meeting together

WEDNESDAY- Gratitude for our Earth on Earth Day

Make art from recycled items in your home or show how your family is helping the Earth or appreciating the Earth during shelter-in-place

THURSDAY-Gratitude for essential non-healthcare workers

Shows thanks to other essential workers such as police, fire, delivery people, postal workers, grocery store workers, restaurant workers.

FRIDAY-Gratitude for our friends

Write an old fashion letter or draw a picture for your friend or your West buddy and mail to their home.

Thank you all so much.

We're all in this together!

Mrs. Mata, Jennifer Bassett Midle, Ann Chen, Kimberly Dalal, Shelby Van Doren, Susan Shih, Mary Ann Hasenstab, ElizaBeth Gomez, Wendie Leung

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