Team 7 Newletter

September 3-September 6

JCMS Discovery Day!

Join us Tuesday September 3 from 5:3-7:30 to learn more about your child's day at JCMS. One session that you will attend will be more of an introduction to Team 7 and our expectations.

Hope you see you all there!!

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Math-Ms. McGehee

This week in math we will continue working on proportional relationships in tables and graphs. At the end of the week the students will take their first quiz. This quiz will cover what we have learned in Lessons 1-6. Students are taking notes on these lessons each day, and will be allowed to use these notes on the quiz. They are also encouraged to take their math binders home to study their notes so they know where to look for the information when they are taking the quiz.

Quiz Corrections/Retake Policy: In math, I give students 2 days to take a quiz or a test. After they complete the quiz on the first day, I circle any problem they got incorrect. On the second day, they have the chance to make all corrections for full points.

Homework/Homework Check: The worksheets that I send home for homework do not get graded, they are for students to use as additional practice and notes for quizzes. After a student completes a quiz, they will complete a homework check on Schoology, where I pick a problem or two from each homework set and they have to type their answers into Schoology.

If you have questions please email me at

Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

We have begun reading The Outsiders and students' first two assignments from the novel are due this week. The week 1 vocabulary assignment is a PowerPoint that should be submitted in Schoology, and the webquest is a pre-reading activity that can also be found and submitted in Schoology. Students have a week to complete the assignments.

Homework Info:

We are working on the first three chapters of the novel primarily as a class. In the coming weeks, students will take on more of the responsibility for comprehending and analyzing the literature, by working in small groups, and independently.

When students have homework, I display it on the SmartBoard at the beginning of class, and ask that they write it down in their planners. Please check the planner to ensure that your child is getting and completing the homework.

Missing work or retests:

During WINN time on Friday, students may have the opportunity to come and see their teachers to work on, or turn in missing assignments. This is also a great opportunity for students to retake their plot assessment with me if they are unhappy with their grade. Students can also see me to get a pass to come before school most mornings.

Social Studies -- Mr. Beles

This week in World Geography, we will be wrapping up studies of culture, as well as begin looking at some more specific topics, including government and religion. We will be discussing the differences between levels of cultures, and then cultural diffusion and what that looks like throughout the country and the world. Our in class assignment this week on diffusion will be a larger grade, so if anyone has questions, make sure to ask for help!

Later in the week when we get to government and religion, we will be exploring the general ideas for both topics, and then compare and contrast a variety of examples from around the world. It will be a busy but short week thanks to Labor Day!

Science - Mrs. Brown

In science, we are finishing the levels of organization in an an ecosystem and starting to learn about populations and how they grow and shrink this week. This will include some calculations of population density and graphing population changes. Tuesday we will be reviewing for our first quiz over Ch. 1 Lesson 1 quiz on Wednesday.

Please remember that students have an online textbook along with the workbook we use in class. They are the same. I have provided a study guide as well as the review activities in class. i hope that this reduces some of the anxiety that comes along with quizzes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.